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Hints For The Practice Of Yoga – Swami Krishnananda


by Swami Krishnananda: (A Speak delivered on the concluding day of Sadhana week in July 1977)

To start with, you should love God from the very backside of your coronary heart. Be very cautious to be true to your personal self. Yoga isn’t for anyone’s sake, neither on your buddies or relations, nor for the sake of your Guru, nor for the sake of telling others, “I’m additionally doing Yoga”. You do it in your personal self. Ensure that you need God, and nothing else, if you shut your eyes and sit for meditation. Be certain that you’re not doing so merely for turning into a scholar of Yoga or begin with an intention of constructing an establishment of Yoga. These are horrible travesties. If such are your motives, you aren’t going to achieve Yoga. Be trustworthy to your self. You’ll be able to deceive others many occasions however not your self. You understand very properly what’s behind your thoughts. You can’t put God in your pocket and say, I can come to you thru Yoga, however my motive is one thing totally different, one thing else; that won’t work. Honesty is the gateway to success; it’s certainly fifty per cent of success. Studying just isn’t essential, no must be discovered. All that you need to do is to make certain and honest that you’re crying for God solely and nothing else. Let the purpose of life be clear in your thoughts, first. I repeat, your purpose ought to be nothing aside from the Final Actuality.

The world can also be actual, this concept might come to your thoughts. I’m not saying that the world is unreal. I’m solely speaking about your false impression concerning the nature of the world: that it’s outdoors you. It isn’t actually outdoors you. The world is actual, however it isn’t outdoors you. You aren’t outdoors it, however part of it. You are also on the earth. The exclusion of the world from you is your drawback after which many questions come up. Is the world actual? Is God actual or not? and so forth. Let the world be actual. We now have no objection. However it isn’t actual within the sense of its being outdoors you in area and time; it’s related with you. Is the hand of your physique actual or unreal? If it is part of your physique, then it’s actual; whether it is minimize off and thrown out or is paralysed, then it’s unreal. In Yoga, we determine consciousness with the being of the world, with the selfhood of the world. Once more, to return to the purpose, the Selfhood is in every part. However once we consider the world as an entity outdoors us, then we now have eliminated this Selfhood from the world, divested it of its Selfhood and positioned it as an object, an instrument or software of utility for our satisfaction after which we place ourselves within the place of ‘the self’. ‘I’m the self, you’re the objects!’ Something that you simply look upon as outdoors you is an object. The item is also a topic from its personal viewpoint, and you’re its object; if I’m an object for you, so are you an object for me. And this, that, every thing is an object. There are, then, solely objects, and no ‘topic’ anyplace. This example is known as Samsara or bondage; these are materialistic methods of wanting on the world. All the things is exterior. Now flip the argument the opposite method and take a look at all the things from its personal viewpoint. It’s true I’m an object to you, you’re an object to me, all the things is an object to all the things. However I’m additionally a topic from my very own viewpoint.

So, in the event you take every part from its personal perspective, there isn’t a object, every little thing is topic solely all over the place. This realisation is freedom. So in a single second of time, you might be in bondage or freedom by merely shifting the thoughts from one view to a different: from topic to object or the opposite approach spherical. In case you can extract the selfhood of issues, it doesn’t matter whether or not the world exists or not; you’ll your self perceive that it exists. However when you look upon it as an object, you’re additionally appeared upon as an object by it. Now you’re turned out. The exile of Adam and Eve from the Backyard of Eden is nothing however the isolation and externalisation of the person from God. You even have been exiled and alienated on this method. You’re minimize off from the Entire. The 5 parts are in your physique; the identical 5 parts are on the earth. From this viewpoint, no less than, you shouldn’t assume that the world is outdoors you. But we expect so. The area, air, hearth, water and earth rules, that are the constituents of the world, are additionally what represent your physique. Then the place comes the query of the world being outdoors you? That area, that which has separated you out of your object can also be inside you. It is just in considering spatially, that the world is separated from you. Nothing has occurred. It is just a sort in your mind-set. Within the final evaluation, creation has not taken place.

The creation of the world is an expertise that has been launched into our thoughts by the projection of the precept of externality, which is described because the so-called “Maya” of the philosophers. And lots of such phrases are used to designate the thriller. If the world has been actually created and actually externalised and projected and we have now been thrown out, then there can be no going again. That such a factor (going again to the Actual) is feasible, that Yoga is practicable, that Samadhi is an actual expertise, that God-consciousness might be had even at the moment, exhibits that there was no such a disaster as we think about. The disaster is psychological, psychological, inward; it’s created by our personal self. So from this viewpoint, at the very least, you will need to ensure that the goal of life is God-Realisation, realisation of the Absolute, Brahman. It isn’t issues we’re asking for, it’s happiness that we’re looking for. And the happiness you’re asking for is within the Selfhood of issues, the Self which is the Absolute. Even the best idiot is subsequently asking for that solely; he needs nothing else. It requires a bit of little bit of understanding to know this problem. Therefore be clear in your thoughts that if you practise Yoga, you need solely that and your coronary heart is fastened on that.

Be in an environment appropriate for this follow. Be within the firm of people that assume alike, not in that of people that assume the other means. Be in an environment holy and sacred; and to the extent attainable, from your personal viewpoint, have pals of this nature. Both have good buddies or no buddies. However don’t have dangerous pals. Dangerous pals will distract your thoughts, shake your religion by saying issues opposite and illogical.

Discover a appropriate time for sitting silently, although everyone is busy little question. Within the 24 hours of labor, it’s a must to make time for two to 3 hours a day, which cannot be troublesome to seek out, should you use your will, even if all of us are busy with our personal work all day. And, in these two to 3 hours, you have to discover time to take a seat unseen by individuals. Even in case you are in a household, you should make time for this. Have a separate room for meditation. When you can’t afford to do that, then go away to such a spot as will assist you to be alone. When in your room, shut the door and for 3 hours don’t see anybody. Don’t raise the telephone, don’t have newspapers and such issues in that room. However you must have good books just like the Upanishads, the Bhagavadgita and so on. Have, if potential, elevating footage or portraits of worthy individuals, religious or philosophical individuals. Then be seated. Daily it is best to sit on the similar fastened time and this shouldn’t be modified. Altering this to totally different hours of the day is like having lunch at totally different occasions of the day and thus ruining your well being. You need to have the identical fastened time for each exercise that you simply do. Whether it is 6 P.M. that you’ve chosen, you must keep on with it. If another time is set upon, stick with that hour alone.

Be seated in a single posture. When fatigued on this posture, you possibly can chill out a bit of and stretch your legs and once more sit in meditation. You’ll be able to even stand and transfer about and sit once more. Attempt to management your physique, muscular tissues and thoughts. Then recite “OM” to create a vibration in your system. And implant in your thoughts the thought and the sensation ‘I’m in quest of God’. Then attempt to analyse the character of God. Yesterday somebody requested me, what’s God. It’s simply that which is earlier than you; however divest it of the identify and type complicated. After which, what you see earlier than your eyes is God Himself. He is available in a masquerade. He has placed on a masks upon His physique within the type of space-time, after which He seems to be just like the world, ‘enjoying’ a drama earlier than our eyes. God shouldn’t be outdoors. He’s simply right here. What you see together with your eyes is simply that minus area and time. This is essential to recollect. So simply analyse this for your self. Take the assistance of the Bhagavadgita, the Upanishads, the Sermon on the Mount or some other such elevating scripture and convey your thoughts again to the purpose of with the ability to consider God as being of the identical nature of the Self that you’re in search of. Chant a Mantra, repeat a formulation, in order that the concepts contained within the Mantra might help you to create an concept in your thoughts of what God is.

Repair the eye of the thoughts on this idea after which determine your self with the selfhood of all issues. You’ll instantly see a vibration happening. You should know that the whole lot is alive, filled with vitality. On the planet, nothing is lifeless. Even the partitions will converse to you, for those who truly determine your self with them and all issues. So really feel the presence of issues in your self and your self in issues. Atmavat Sarva Bhutan – really feel this.

After a protracted time on this follow, you’ll start to understand that there’s some kind of an important connection between you and others, which was absent until now. You possibly can’t see any connection between you and the actions of others as a result of your thoughts is acutely aware of the bodily physique solely. Steadily the thoughts ought to be allowed to go larger from the bodily to the very important, from the very important to the psychological, from the psychological to the mental, as is claimed within the Upanishads. Then, if you go larger and better into the deeper layers of your character, you start to really feel the connection with others in higher and larger intimacy. The extra inner you go, the higher is the connection you are feeling with others. Outdoors on the floor of the waters each wave is totally different, however once you go deeper into the ocean, they’re the one and the identical ocean. We’re totally different from each other on account of our identification with our physique. We’re actually one internally; there’s a vibration connecting one with the opposite. Even now the ether of the waves is shifting from one place to a different place. There’s a connection which isn’t felt on account of the identification of the thoughts with the physique. So de-hypnotise your self. You aren’t this physique however one thing totally different; you aren’t the Prana; you aren’t the thoughts; you aren’t the mind; you’re one with the Cosmic Mind in the long run, Hiranyagarbha. Then transfer greater and better till you start to really feel your self within the Self of all beings. These are the Samadhis or Samapattis as Patanjali calls them and these are the varied experiences you’ll have in meditation whenever you go deeper and deeper into the follow.

However this might be a really exhausting activity certainly. So that you don’t discover time to take a seat and sit as per the strict self-discipline. You must sit for meditation on the similar fastened time. At present presently, tomorrow one other, after which the thread is damaged. Even in case you are on a railway practice, it is best to sit for a couple of minutes. It’s the practice that’s shifting, what does it matter to you? You sit and management the thoughts. The thoughts just isn’t shifting together with the practice. Why can’t you practise Yoga? So, don’t miss any alternative. Every single day, the thoughts ought to be educated to assume on this method, and afterwards, even within the abnormal lifetime of day-to-day routine you will need to create the behavior of continuous this apply. Even when speaking you should have this apply. It isn’t which you could speak some nonsense after which go and sit for meditation. It isn’t like that; that won’t work. What occurs is that the larger a part of the day is spent in irrational considering and just a few hours are given to meditation. The previous will spoil the latter follow. So within the extra superior levels of apply, it’s essential to domesticate this de-hypnotising sort of considering and practise to assume solely on this method even when engaged in workplace work or within the atypical enterprise in life. This work within the workplace or in enterprise within the atypical lifestyle isn’t opposite to the follow of Yoga. All (this) work must be vitalised, i.e., charged with meditational consciousness, in order that your background turns into solely that. There’s a story of the ayah taking care of her mistress’s youngster. Ayahs are individuals who deal with different individuals’s youngsters; they go to a stranger’s home and fondle and care for the kid in that home with such love that it appears as if she is the mom. However her thoughts isn’t there. Her thoughts is on her personal baby at house. Her ideas are centered on her personal baby’s actions. Is it safely enjoying? Has it had its feed correctly? I need to go house at 5 o’clock within the night and see what is occurring to it, and so on. and so on. Such is the background of her ideas. Her thoughts and love is just for her baby at residence, although outwardly she is lovingly taking care of the kid underneath her care. However the outward work she is engaged in, earns her wage; and she or he is working as an ayah. This outward look shouldn’t be an actual reality. You can’t directly make out this reality, its being an outward look, this distinction between her outward act and the ideas in her thoughts. For all outward appearances, it seems to be as whether it is her personal youngster now in her care.

That is the best way it’s stated that you must conduct your self on the earth. When in workplace or in abnormal enterprise of life, you’re just like the ayah, taking care of your work as she does her work in all good will for the wage it brings. She appears to be taking care of her personal baby even when she is simply an ayah taking care of another person’s youngster. Her thoughts is some place else – on her personal baby at residence. You’re working for the sake of someone, for another objective or intention in your thoughts. Your intention and objective within the background, as already identified, is to take care of a meditative behavior so that each one work is charged and vitalised with the meditative consciousness. Your work is simply the coaching floor for orienting all of your actions to this meditative consciousness. Therefore, all of your workplace work and so forth. must be finished solely to the extent needed and indispensable, not past this restrict, to not amass wealth, to not turn into wealthy or make a reputation or achieve energy; that isn’t the intention behind your work on the earth. It is just to that extent mandatory and indispensable – your workplace work; the aim is that it’s the training-ground for the thoughts in the direction of the upper goal you could have in your thoughts. That is the true image of issues. Perceive that you shouldn’t transcend this quantity of labor on the earth, past this restricted function. The upper objective is one thing inner, the true Yoga. All work turns into Yoga solely then. Work shouldn’t be against it. On this means, then, one can find steadily that work turns into pure. You do not want to convey into play any stress or pressure in doing all of your work. The focus additionally turns into higher. Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj used to say that if the Yogi does the work of a sweeper, he does it higher than anyone else; if he washes vessels, they’re cleaner than an strange man cleansing them. No matter work he does, it’s good, as a result of his focus is a lot on his work and his love for issues is the same as the love he has for God! As a result of he sees no distinction; he has begun to see the common within the specific. The identify and type are gone. The substance is seen; the potness of the pot is gone, solely the clay stays and there’s solely universality, and Karma-Yoga turns into practicable. It’s this nice artwork that’s taught within the Bhagavadgita. The entire gospel of the Gita is simply a sermon of the seeing of divinity in issues and reworking exercise into yoga by visualising the Final Substance in name-and-form. The name-and-form has utterly gone from the substance; it doesn’t exist in any respect. It is just spatiality and temporality that is known as a pot; what you see is definitely clay. In order that what I see is just not the wall; I see the Actuality behind it, in truth, however make investments it with a name-and-form that I give to it on account of the spatiality gone into it.

The Substance is the Absolute Itself. What does it then matter If I contact the wall, it isn’t the brick wall that I contact however my very own Self prolonged in area and time. This can be a very superior situation in Yoga; all can’t visualise this state. I’m merely mentioning it to you that that is potential. This state of expertise the place you reside on the earth with the consciousness of the Substance of issues, free from the externality characterised by identify and type, area and time, is known as Jivan-Mukti or liberation even whereas dwelling on this world. There isn’t a hurt in dwelling on this world. The world shouldn’t be the satan it seems to be. It seems like a satan as a result of it’s outdoors. The non-Self has obtained recognized with the Self. The satan is the non-Self; the Self is God. So, the second the non-Self is recognized with the Self, the devilness in it goes! How the evil of issues within the character may be obviated and the way even the worst of issues could be transformed into the perfect of issues is one other topic.

I’ve little question that each one of you’ll attempt exhausting within the follow of Yoga, you have got set your minds on, and focus all of your consideration and power on it, all by means of the Sadhana. Might God bless you all. Might Gurudev Swami Sivananda’s grace be upon you all is my prayer.


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