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Awaken Interviews Guru Rattana – Awakening The Neutral Mind


Donna Quesada: So that is fascinating. Once more, I’m stepping out and I’m making an attempt to pay attention with recent ears and recent eyes. And…and I feel the tendency is to think about monks and yogis sitting in a cave on a cushion and meditating

…sitting completely nonetheless. And we’re speaking a few full physique expertise, locks…and what are these? And it’s this motion of power within the physique that culminates within the expertise that we name enlightenment, or awakening. Might you simply converse extra concerning the locks and the way this enterprise that takes place within the physique, has to do with waking as much as a impartial area?

Guru Rattana, Ph.D.: Properly, the seat of the kundalini is on the first chakra. So, it might appear a bit of unusual…

DONNA: On the backside of the backbone…

GURU RATTANA: …on the backside of the backbone. However awakening it requires awakening on the first chakra, to awaken the thoughts. So, that’s why the primary three chakras are essential…as a result of the hearth, and the fluid power on the second chakra, which permits the power to move up the backbone. And being related to the earth, on the first chakra…that’s required to awaken the kundalini. So, I do know some individuals…some paths solely think about the thoughts.

DONNA: Mhmm.

GURU RATTANA: I assume it really works for them. They…so, what they do is, they drive power up with pranayama, which is, they only need to be within the thoughts. It’s going to work…I’ve by no means tried it that approach, however I see that there’s individuals which might be fairly related by doing that. However, that’s not our path. We’re in the world and we have now to remain right here and cope with it. So, the locks, which is principally calmly pulling the muscle tissue on the base of the backbone, utilizing the…enjoyable the second chakra in order that the power flows in on the navel, activating the hearth, in order that the warmth helps awaken. That course of strikes the kundalini up the backbone in order that the thoughts can awaken. So the third eye wants that power from the bottom.

DONNA: That infusion of fireside power.

GURU RATTANA: Yeah, it’s an infusion of sunshine. It modifications to mild. It’s…it’s hearth on the navel when it goes down and touches the kundalini. It comes up as mild. Within the thoughts, hearth is mild.

DONNA: I hadn’t deliberate on asking this, however the dialog makes it appear very related. Typically college students say they see totally different shades of sunshine on the third eye, perhaps purple or blue…Is that each one a part of the method of the power shifting by means of the physique?

GURU RATTANA: Yeah, and that’s an awakening of the third eye. So, in the event that they see these colours, they need to concentrate on it and use that have to have…to coach themselves to focus. These colours in all probability gained’t final, and if you consider it, they go away. However the level that they see it…they need to concentrate on it as a result of that’s awakening the impartial thoughts…awakening the third eye. So, to concentrate on it and be in it…take heed to it…it should awaken the third eye. So, it may be…it’s not gonna final perpetually, however take pleasure in it whereas it does, and use it to focus. Practice your thoughts to focus at that time. However don’t get like, hello! I see inexperienced!

DONNA: Don’t get caught on it…

GURU RATTANA: You possibly can’t. It gained’t final ceaselessly. You possibly can’t get caught on that.

DONNA: Is that this mild, what do individuals imply once they speak about God?

GURU RATTANA: It may be you recognize…God is every part, so. It may be one factor, however virtually…how does that relate to what’s happening with you? I imply, properly I see, God. Properly, are you able to name on that power and really feel it in your physique and you employ it? Are you able to belief it? That it’s gonna assist you to? After which are you able to see it?…in issues that occur in your day by day life and say, yeah that’s my “God”supporting me? That’s what’s actually essential. However, nevertheless individuals expertise it, if they will keep in that consciousness and that woke up state, then that’s the place we wanna be. We would like to have the ability to keep there and reside our life from that consciousness.

DONNA: So, this brings us again to that sensible facet of why would we need to “get up”within the first place?

GURU RATTANA: Yeah, properly, you recognize what, unconscious life is basically painful. It’s so aggravating. I imply it’s…Buddha’s the primary one which in all probability method again, earlier than Buddha…however there have been the enlightened ones. However unconscious life is painful…it’s disturbing…we endure. Once we’re acutely aware and we understand that we’re one with the universe, we don’t endure anymore. We’re completely satisfied.

DONNA: And that’s what all of us need.

GURU RATTANA: Yeah, it’s a greater strategy to reside. We solely have so lengthy down right here, anyway. So, I’m a lot happier…I’m not saying…like…I don’t fear. I belief my life. It took me a very long time to get right here, nevertheless it’s value it. It’s such a greater solution to stay. As an alternative of, oh, I gotta do that…ohhh, I gotta pay my payments…ugh…ugh…ugh…You already know, I don’t like being a sufferer. It’s not enjoyable.

DONNA: So, it will increase these qualities of pretty issues, like belief and religion?

GURU RATTANA: Yeah, I imply, that’s what we would like. That’s the ache…is once we don’t have these issues. Then we’re alone, or depressed, or indignant, or…you understand, unhappy or…that’s no option to reside. That’s what awakening is about…so we could be in a special area. We nonetheless have issues. We nonetheless have life challenges. Challenges are over. Life’s over. That’s the best way life goes. However we will cope with them in an entire totally different approach. And we take a look at life in a different way and you recognize we’re not…we’re glad.

DONNA: That feels like empowerment to me. So, bringing us again now, the place we began…is that what’s meant by empowerment?

GURU RATTANA: Properly, there might be numerous issues that empowerment means. However, I like that definition.

DONNA: I do too.

GURU RATTANA: So, I’m going to go for that one proper now!

DONNA: And, do you assume that the expertise is totally different for males and for ladies? Is there such a factor as feminine empowerment that’s totally different from masculine empowerment?

GURU RATTANA: That is my favourite topic. So, ‘trigger I write lots concerning the polarities…

DONNA: Might you discuss that?

GURU RATTANA: Yeah, It might take a number of hours, however yeah. I train workshops on this. That is my favourite…as a result of it’s so primary. Okay, ladies have their very particular configuration, their power make up. Males have their very own particular configuration. Nevertheless, there’s two primary common energies, and we each have each of them. And I’ve discovered through the years and educating about this, that I don’t name it the “female power”and the “masculine power”…as a result of then that’s like, oh that’s lady and that’s man. No, we each have each. However males have slightly extra of the “masculine“and ladies have a bit of bit extra of the “female.”

After which, there’s all of the totally different ways in which we categorical, relying upon our astrological make up. So, males might be…have a number of female, and ladies can have lots of masculine. Okay, so, now we’re going to transcend these subjects…these names for these. There’s two primary common energies. One is secure: it doesn’t change. And one is flowing: it’s all the time shifting. The ladies have extra flowing, and the lads have extra secure. Nevertheless, these two energies, as manifested within the human expertise, are often not flowing and secure. As a result of the…I’m calling it “flowing”and “secure,”in order that we will get to…

DONNA: So, that is fascinating…I’ve not heard the female and masculine polarities described in these phrases of secure versus flowing. And so, I might adore it in the event you might clarify how this matches into the framework that perhaps we’re extra conversant in, comparable to yin and yang, or just female versus masculine.

GURU RATTANA: Properly, the flowing is the yin and the yang is the secure. They usually have so many expressions, so I wish to tune into the secure expression and the flowing expression of these two primary common energies. It’s the identical power; it’s simply how we expertise it.

DONNA: Nicely, that is so fascinating as a result of usually, once we hear the yang…or, no less than once I do, that’s the masculine. That’s the motion. That’s the motion. However in actuality, you’re saying that that’s truly the secure drive.

GURU RATTANA: Nicely, it’s motion and it’s secure, as properly. So, I’ll…however I’ve to get to that time…that requires motion. So, first, the secure power has to do with the thoughts. The dualistic thoughts isn’t secure, it’s all the time in battle, or all the time shifting. The impartial thoughts is secure, and the impartial thoughts connects us to the steadiness or the unchangeableness…imperturbability of the universe. That high quality of the universe. The universe has common legal guidelines. It really works in a sure means. The planets will not be going to shift orbits. They’re going to circulate in their very own orbit. There’s plenty of issues which might be simply fastened, and that’s the secure power which we will expertise in our thoughts, within the impartial channel. And as soon as we will get related to that stability, than our entire life can change, as a result of our entire power modifications. Our thoughts has someplace to go that’s secure, that’s peaceable, that’s relaxed, that’s impartial, that desires nothing and can all the time be there for us. And that’s an expertise that I like and that I train individuals as a result of it really works for them. It’s an experiential solution to have a connection…an actual connection and oneness with that power. So, that‘s why the standard is secure once we tune into it, by way of the impartial thoughts. It’s the psychological, the place the thoughts must be to woke up.

DONNA: And now, this isn’t associated to the female or the masculine? Or, can we convey it again to…?

GURU RATTANA: Sure, I name that “the masculine.”I received over that as a result of individuals…then they’re like oh that’s male, that’s man, that’s not lady…it received too…There’s too many issues round “masculine and female.”So, in our internal actuality, simply to simplify it and to get to the purpose that we have to have a secure polarity in our psyche to function from. That’s why I train it this manner. As a result of it’s actual. There’s a secure polarity within the universe via the impartial thoughts that’s unchangeable. It’s all the time there. It by no means modifications. It by no means needs something. It’s all the time…simply darkish…simply…it’s very alive, truly. However, we expertise it as secure. When we’ve got that stability obtainable, it’s like a tree or a maypole; you possibly can’t have the maypole…the…I don’t know…perhaps I’m simply that previous. Once we had maypoles, once we have been little…. And we might maintain onto a bar and everyone would fly across the one within the center…

DONNA: Like a tether ball?

GURU RATTANA: Yeah, however there have been all of the little youngsters and every one had its personal little factor and we might all fly round. You want the pole. You want the secure pole to have the ability to fly round…to maneuver…to…the shifting power wants stability. It wants a secure polarity.

DONNA: Stability is the masculine?


DONNA: Okay.

GURU RATTANA: Yeah. And it’s discovered within the thoughts. It’s solely within the thoughts. You possibly can’t have secure within the physique. Secure is the masculine thoughts. And it’s our reference to God, by the best way. So, as soon as we’ve secure, that entry level, that channel in our thoughts, it’s out there…the impartial thoughts…then we will activate the flowing polarity, which is within the physique, which all the time modifications, and it will possibly begin to chill out. As a result of it isn’t relaxed. We aren’t relaxed as a result of we don’t have secure polarity. As a result of in case you don’t have secure within the thoughts, the physique tries to create secure with stress.

DONNA: Wow. So, the physique is the motion, the circulate, the female?

GURU RATTANA: Yeah, the physique is the circulate and the female. However it could actually’t loosen up with out the secure.

DONNA: Okay.

GURU RATTANA: So, it tries by way of stress, it tries to create secure, and it tries to do each. After which it may possibly’t chill out. However the female…sure, is the flowing, and it’s within the physique. All of the power is within the physique…circulate…they transfer.

DONNA: So, let me make certain I perceive. However, it wants the secure, unmoving level of stability, and that’s the thoughts. And, to get it to that place of stability, that’s what we’d like the motion of power for.

GURU RATTANA: Sure. The motion of power up the backbone, the kundalini up the backbone, will awaken the consciousness and take us into impartial secure channel and liberate us from the dualistic, conflictual thoughts.

DONNA: In order that we will see correctly.


DONNA: What would make somebody…I feel you talked about stress. Who isn’t harassed? Who doesn’t have stress of their life? However, for many individuals, they consider totally different sorts of solutions. Having a drink, or happening trip, you already know, as a approach of coping with the stress, or escaping from the stress, if however for a short while. Taking a brief journey, or going buying, or one thing like this. Why are these strategies…or, ought to I even assume it inferior to this…what appears to be a posh know-how that you simply’re describing. Why is that this…oh, let me say it in a different way…why is that this superior to only happening trip?

GURU RATTANA: You’ll be able to take pleasure in your holidays extra.

DONNA: Okay.

GURU RATTANA: You’ll be able to take pleasure in purchasing extra. Since you’re not stressed. You’ll be able to take pleasure in life extra. It’s not such as you don’t have these different issues, however you already know, the substitutes don’t create an answer. They only create an escape, a short lived escape. We need to be all the time in a state of happiness and peace and we don’t need to should have to flee. As a result of the escapism simply doesn’t…it doesn’t work.

DONNA: So these are escape…they’re substitutes, or escape strategies, or mechanisms?


DONNA: Okay.

GURU RATTANA: However, a trip’s good…

DONNA: As a result of I can think about somebody saying, “why would I need to do this? I’ve to breathe in a humorous approach…have to tug these locks…what are these locks and the way typically do I’ve to do it?”

GURU RATTANA: Properly, it’s our selection. you understand, it does take time. You do should do it, however you are feeling higher. So, step one is, you do it, you commit…every week, two weeks, forty days…You do it and you are feeling higher. And if you really feel higher, you then’re like, hmm, I feel I like this.I imply, feeling good is probably the most primal motivating issue.

DONNA: Sure…

GURU RATTANA: …For people. So, I all the time inform the scholars that I practice, “Simply do the lively kundalini yoga…the postures, the respiration, the shifting…”in order that the power shifts and other people begin to really feel good regularly. Then we’re hooked. That’s how I obtained hooked…as a result of I felt higher. I wish to really feel good. And I wish to really feel good every single day. I actually don’t…can’t stand not feeling good. So, I do kundalini yoga day by day. I really feel good each day. Get hooked on feeling good day-after-day, after which you possibly can take it to the subsequent step, to the subsequent degree of…Then you will have an lively base and your physique to start out paying consideration, to start out meditating and awakening the impartial thoughts. It doesn’t work as nicely in case you don’t create all of the activations within the physique first. It doesn’t take that lengthy, however for absolute freshmen, simply begin to do yoga. Simply go there and really feel good and then you definitely’ll be motivated. As a result of then your life seems higher, your power is extra balanced, and issues begin to occur. That’s as a result of your power is aligned. And then you definitely wish to stay like that. And also you commit since you need to reside that approach.

Guru Rattana, Ph.D., writer, instructor and instructor of academics, has been a scholar of Yogi Bhajan and instructor of his Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for 41 years. She actually lives and loves Kundalini Yoga, and has devoted a big a part of her life to educating and writing books about this superb know-how.

Continued in Half III…

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