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Awaken Interviews Guru Rattana – Awaken Is Perceiving What Our Energy’s Doing And How It Relates To Our Soul


Awaken apologizes for the poor framing of Guru Rattana. It’s the content material of the interview that’s essential and moderately than solely utilizing the audio we determined to make use of the video anyway. 

Donna Quesada: Guru Rattana, I want to thanks on your time right now. I do know I personally will take pleasure in spending this time with you, and the Awaken listeners will love what you must say, as nicely.

GURU RATTANA: Thanks, I’m so completely happy to be along with everyone, so welcome, too.

DONNA: Properly, we’ve somewhat custom right here at Awaken…we wish to dive proper in. So, should you don’t thoughts, I want to ask you, what does it imply to awaken?

GURU RATTANA: That’s a superb query! It’s all about…and awaken signifies that we will even have an lively expertise of our energetic actuality. That we’re not simply considering in our minds and hoping that we’re figuring one thing out, or doing the suitable factor. We truly understand at a deeper degree, that we’re power, and what our power’s doing and the way it pertains to our soul within the universe. And there are methods to have that have which are very private, and we get extra related…and extra obtainable, to expertise our life in a extra profound method.

DONNA: You already know, it jogs my memory of the quote by your instructor, and my instructor, as nicely, Yogi Bhajan, who says, “We’re religious beings having a human expertise.”So, you’re speaking about attending to know ourselves as power, not as materials. And so, I might love to only type of step outdoors of that familiarity with it and ask with recent eyes, “how does that assist me, in my life, to narrate to myself as power…in a sensible means?”

GURU RATTANA: That’s an excellent query. Usually, individuals…in life, we now have challenges. So, we now have well being challenges, relationship, youngsters…prosperity. However these aren’t the issues. We’ve got to determine the issue. So, we go slightly deeper, and we are saying, “properly, stress…we would like to have the ability to chill out…we would like to have the ability to belief.”After which, we have now to go deeper than that. We’ve got to go to the underside line, which is, we have to have an expertise with common energies as they movement by way of us, and solely once we get that have of oneness…which isn’t simply on the market, oh, there’s a God…let’s…yay hoo. It’s truly experiencing that we’re these energies, and we’re one with these energies, and we will name on them. We’re them.

After which the stress might be launched, then we will launch the tangential issues that are worry…insecurity. After which we will cope with our human issues in a a lot totally different approach. If we’re not related energetically, nicely, we’re related energetically, but when we’re not acutely aware, that’s what awakening is about. It’s to grow to be acutely aware of how we are literally one with these energies, and that we’re working with them on a regular basis, however we’re unconscious and they’re principally working us, as a result of we’re not awake. So, we get up and we discover out, oh yeah, my anger is hearth power…I can use that for motion. So, we get indignant and we are saying, hey, let’s do one thing about it. So, it’s very sensible in coping with our every day life. In truth, that’s what life is about; learn how to cope with every day life. As a result of that’s what we’ve got…that’s what’s right here…that’s who we’re. And all of us have our challenges. So how can we cope with them…if we will awaken and have an expertise of how we are literally interacting with common energies on a regular basis, we will begin being extra accountable, and extra related to what we’re doing. After which our unconscious programming isn’t in cost, our consciousness is in cost.

DONNA: I really like that you simply use the phrase “sensible” as a result of I feel the tendency is to think about power work as one thing metaphysical and one thing thus far faraway from our on a regular basis life. However the truth is, it’s sensible as a result of meaning I can use feelings in my on a regular basis challenges, in a extra skillful approach.

GURU RATTANA: Precisely!

DONNA: You’ll be able to determine it.

GURU RATTANA: Yeah, when you determine that that’s what’s going on, and also you determine that these are energies that every little thing is made up of, then you definitely don’t really feel alone. And you may truly name on and work with these energies in a approach that isn’t simply you, all by your self.

DONNA: And it’s like bringing area round anger, to make use of your instance, in order that I’m the another in management, which suggests I’ve the problem in my palms, relatively than the opposite approach round.

GURU RATTANA: Yeah, precisely. We get out of victimization into empowerment.

DONNA: I really like that. I really like that. And as I used to be saying earlier than we went on document, you will have so many manuals, yoga manuals, that I’ve used myself, and also you speak about that phrase empowerment. What does that imply to grow to be empowered?

GURU RATTANA: Nicely, it means lots of issues. However let’s…I simply need to handle first the idea of mastery. Mastery is to grow to be one with. So, for example, we’ve an expertise in our thoughts…in our physique of peace. Peace exists in all places within the universe. We now have that have. If we need to be a grasp of that, we now have to turn out to be one with it. There’s expertise of stillness…of silence. Yogi Bhajan stated, “For those who grasp stillness and silence, you possibly can know all of the knowledge of the universe.”That’s fairly cool.

DONNA: It’s.

GURU RATTANA: Not that we have to know all of it, however we will know a few of it…what we have to know for our lives. However the one solution to know that’s to turn out to be one with it. That’s what mastery means. So, we meditate on silence, and stillness, on peace…in our impartial thoughts. And we sit there, in our sadhana for a couple of minutes after every train, after the meditation, after the entire sadhana…and we are literally at one with peace, with stillness, with silence, with neutrality…with any high quality within the universe that “wakens”up in us. And we sit there and we “be with it.” In our thoughts, in our physique…and we take pleasure in it. After which that provides us the empowerment.

DONNA: That is so fascinating. And I’m sorry to interrupt, however I don’t assume that is intuitive for individuals who will not be conversant in this language. And there are such a lot of issues I need to cease you on as a result of it’s so fascinating and it’s lighting up my entire mind. Once we consider that phrase “mastery,” I don’t assume the tendency is to think about that phrase as “oneness.” We have a tendency to think about it as, Oh I’m a grasp of it, so I’ve energy over it, or I’ve management over it, and I’m separate from it. However you’ve damaged that down and it’s being one with the factor, no matter it’s, the emotion, or the issue, or the problem.

GURU RATTANA: Yeah, that’s it. simply apply being one with it. It’s the truth. We’re one with all of this.

DONNA: And so, in plain phrases, how does all of this being at one with the factor, let’s simply say it’s a problem…How does that give me a sense of management over it?

GURU RATTANA: You don’t have to regulate it, you simply should be with it, and settle for it, and let the power movement by way of you, and it’ll information you on find out how to work with it.

DONNA: Okay, so there’s this facet of letting go, which appears to be a thread that runs by way of all of those religious teachings. And so, we’re attending to a spot the place I can let the power speak to me. Would that be truthful?

GURU RATTANA: Yeah, that’s nice! Take heed to it! There’s three fundamentals: Observe, Pay attention, and Really feel. In my ebook, The Energy of Impartial, I say, “for those who don’t keep in mind something on this ebook, keep in mind, Observe…Look, Pay attention, and Really feel. That’s what we have now obtainable to us.

DONNA: I really like that.

GURU RATTANA: That’s all we’ve got. We now have style, and contact, however for our energetic actuality —Observe, Look, Pay attention, and Really feel. And make these sensory perceptions inner. So, we’re not wanting outdoors, we’re wanting inside, we aren’t listening outdoors, we’re listening to our personal instinct and our personal power, and we’re feeling our emotional power in our physique.

DONNA: And so, you talked about one thing else as a part of this course of; stepping into impartial thoughts. What’s the impartial thoughts, and the way does it match into this?

GURU RATTANA: The impartial thoughts is the important thing. That’s our rabbit gap. It’s like Alice in Wonderland. Get into the rabbit gap…you bought to get into the impartial thoughts. Every part begins with the impartial thoughts. Yogi Bhajan explains there’s the constructive, destructive, and impartial. Properly, constructive and unfavourable are the dualistic thoughts…sure, no, perhaps, I don’t prefer it. The impartial thoughts is the observer thoughts. It simply… when it awakens, we will see what’s happening, we’ve a unique perspective. We don’t see from the sufferer perspective, we see from oh, look, that is what’s occurring. We don’t consider it. We don’t have a judgement, like, Oh, I feel I have to cope with one thing that’s happening proper now. And the impartial thoughts is woke up on the third eye, and that’s what meditation begins with. And the best way I train it, is…Shut your eyes, look inside, and no matter you see, take note of that.

Often individuals see darkish, empty, nothing…and that’s it. Nothing…that’s it. And I say, yeah, nothing is enlightenment, truly. So, if we need to get to zero, we begin with nothing. So no matter it’s, we take note of that, and that’s the essential step we now have to concentrate. We’ve got to coach ourselves to concentrate. That’s what we don’t do within the dualistic thoughts. As a result of the dualistic thoughts is considering on a regular basis. The impartial thoughts doesn’t assume. It simply observes, and it listens, and it feels. Or it may direct its consideration to feeling, however the impartial doesn’t really feel, however it could direct its consideration to the physique, to the feelings, to the power that’s occurring in our energetic being, which is us.

DONNA: So the impartial thoughts is defined in these steps that you simply outlined. Observe, Pay attention, Really feel…that’s moving into that impartial area…

GURU RATTANA: Proper. These are the sensory schools that we now have out there, to entry the impartial thoughts, be in it, and use it.

DONNA: And is that what you imply by “attending to zero?”

GURU RATTANA: I don’t actually use “zero,”however a number of the kundalini individuals use “zero,”so…I simply point out that. What I concentrate on is stepping into impartial.

DONNA: Okay.

GURU RATTANA: Should you look…anyone, all of us… look inside at black, at empty, at nothing…it might be mild, however…it’s impartial. That area is impartial. It has no opinion. It wants nothing, it has no judgment about something, it’s simply there. That’s impartial. After which we will inform the distinction between our dualistic thoughts and our impartial thoughts as a result of our dualistic thoughts is considering…is considering on a regular basis. So, if we’re like, Oh yeah, I’m wondering what that is all about? Dualistic thoughts! It’s considering…there’s no thought within the impartial thoughts. The impartial thoughts is silent, completely silent. So, we take heed to the silence.

DONNA: Mhmm.

GURU RATTANA: And the silence is a top quality of the infinite. So we join with the infinite, we join with the quantum subject, in silence. It’s not difficult. It’s truly quite simple, however we now have to concentrate, and we’ve got to coach ourselves.

DONNA: And it appears so easy, however but, we reside in a tradition the place considering is prized and considering is the factor that solves our issues. And right here you’re saying one thing that’s actually the other of that. It’s suggesting that considering is the issue. Is it all the time the issue?

GURU RATTANA: Nicely, truly, we’d like considering, however we’d like the impartial thoughts out there. When the impartial thoughts is obtainable, then the considering thoughts can work correctly; it helps us. And, when the impartial thoughts’s out there, we’ve our instinct, so, we don’t should assume a lot. We don’t need to completely determine it out. We’ve got our instinct obtainable that guides us, and if we take heed to it and comply with it, it’s correct. After which the considering thoughts might help us analyze conditions, take a look at the professionals and cons and…nevertheless it works in collaboration with the impartial thoughts. So we expect, Yeah that is good…this might work…this couldn’t work…after which the impartial thoughts says, You recognize what? Go this manner. After which we pay attention. We pay attention and comply with that. So, they work collectively.

DONNA: Is that this what awakening means and is there such a factor as a “sudden awakening,”or is it gradual?

GURU RATTANA: Nicely, if we begin this, then we’re actually superior. I imply that’ll take us to the place we need to go. That’s step one; that’s primary. So, I might say, sure let’s get there, after which we go the subsequent step.

DONNA: As a result of we hear in these traditions, this notion of enlightenment. Is there such a factor as this sudden enlightenment, or is it only a fantasy?

GURU RATTANA: Nicely, it relies upon. Some individuals have spontaneous kundalini awakenings. They’ve by no means executed Kundalini Yoga. They, you realize, write to me periodically, “What ought to I do?”And I’m like, “You realize what, go to the forest, stroll in nature, and be in your physique, after which combine from being in your physique…”They usually don’t know…don’t have a clue what I’m speaking about. However these sudden awakenings…You may even see the universe, the celebs may mild up…that’s what occurs to individuals once they take a number of the medicine. However you gotta keep there, you gotta be out there, so you possibly can have an awakening. However, in the event you can’t combine that consciousness into your every day life, it actually doesn’t do you a lot good. I imply, it may present you the place you need to get to, however you gotta get there each day. So, that’s why KundaliniYoga is so particular as a result of it trains us step-by-step, to get there, if we concentrate. If we don’t concentrate, it’s going to take a very long time. However, if we practice ourselves as we do the yoga, which permits us to get up, it prompts all of the power methods within the physique that makes it attainable. As a result of if the pituitary and the pineal gland usually are not secreting, we in all probability gained’t get up. So Breath of Hearth…all of the issues…they wake us up! They…they activate our physique methods that make it attainable to get up.

DONNA: If there was one apply…you talked about Breath of Hearth, and a few individuals won’t know what that’s…it might sound counter intuitive. How are these sorts of issues, inhaling a humorous approach, a part of this waking up course of? It looks like it’s a factor of the thoughts, or the mind, you recognize, that we’re speaking about…“consciousness.” However how do these bodily workouts culminate in a waking up expertise? And what are another instruments which might be a part of that?

GURU RATTANA: The locks are essential. Pulling the basis lock, and truly activating the navel level, as a result of the hearth on the navel when there’s sufficient tattva, there’s sufficient warmth, that may go down and activate the kundalini. However there needs to be sufficient hearth on the navel level to try this. In order that’s what Breath of Hearth does. And Stretch Pose, and all of the leg workouts activate the navel in order that the hearth is highly effective sufficient to descend to the primary chakra and awaken the kundalini. Nevertheless it’s gradual. With Kundalini Yoga, it’s gradual. You recognize, I’ve been at this for 41 years. It’s you realize…I’m not like, “Oh, I‘m enlightened…I simply pull the basis lock.”No, it’s…it simply slowly…nevertheless it works.

Continued in Half II…

Guru Rattana, Ph.D., writer, instructor and instructor of academics, has been a scholar of Yogi Bhajan and instructor of his Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for 41 years. She actually lives and loves Kundalini Yoga, and has devoted a big a part of her life to educating and writing books about this superb know-how.


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