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Editor’s notice: In mild of the controversy surrounding the publication of ‘Psychological Apply with Boys and Males’ by the American Psychological Affiliation, we’re happy to republish this 2015 article wanting on the drawback of misandry in mainstream psychology.


Psychology clings to a common mannequin – that males are incorrigibly flawed and require a dismantling of their identities, habits, and preferences earlier than being reconstructed in accordance with a feminist mannequin of masculinity. All trendy therapies have this primary premise in widespread.

For instance, one of many extra widespread fashions of males and masculinity to emerge within the final 20 years, promoted as A New Psychology of Males, is described within the following phrases by one in every of its founders:

The brand new psychology of males has emerged over the previous 15 years inside the bigger fields of males’s research and gender research. Knowledgeable by the tutorial breakthroughs of feminist scholarship, the brand new psychology of males examines masculinity not as a normative referent, however quite as a problematic assemble. In so doing, it supplies a framework for a psychological strategy to males and masculinity that questions conventional norms of the male position and views some male issues as unlucky byproducts of the male gender position socialization course of.1

Because it’s inception this “new” psychology of males has restated conventional gender stereotypes about males; that they’re flawed, violent, emotional primitives in want of reconstruction. This supposedly “new” mannequin has additionally been developed right into a coaching course educating therapists find out how to successfully work with males.

The course, designed by former American Psychological Affiliation President Ronald Levant, is predicated on two rules held virtually universally by therapists working with males; a) that patriarchy principle represents the actual world, and b) that males are stunted of their emotional processing talents. Let’s take a look at these two pillars of remedy.

Patriarchy concept

As with most psychologists and therapists as we speak, Levant is knowledgeable by feminist-inspired patriarchy principle which posits that each one males have energy over all ladies and that such energy is enforced by males’s violence. The theoretical imaginative and prescient, trumpets Levant, offers a “new” method of taking a look at males:

What students within the space of males’s psychology have tried is nothing lower than a reconstruction of masculinity. It begins from the popularity that there’s a drawback, and locates the roots of that drawback within the male gender position… The brand new psychology of males strives to deal with the feminist critique of patriarchy whereas remaining empathetic to males.2

As many readers will know there’s nothing “new” on this characterization of males, which we will summarize with the phrase, ‘Ladies have issues, and males are the issue.’ As Levant stresses, the first strategy to remedy with males is first to problematize them; “It begins from the popularity that there’s a drawback.”

On this mannequin males are seen as being issues earlier than they even meet the therapist, who ignores the likelihood that males’s issues might lie outdoors themselves in a world of grief they did nothing to deserve.

In different phrases, regardless of the presenting complaints of the shopper they’re instantly dismissed by the practitioner to be able to coerce the shopper into an ideological mould of manhood. The practitioner, relying on their diploma of indoctrination, may very well consider it will handle the shopper’s points however even a cursory examination of the “masculinity as recognized drawback” strategy reveals quite a few, deep flaws. In reality, this strategy proves to be abusive in any affordable interpretation of the phrase.

As I clarify under there are different approaches to working with males that don’t presume they’re flawed and wish fixing. That strategy begins with asking males what they expertise in life, and what they could need to obtain in remedy, and truly listening to their solutions. Therapists could also be to listen to males converse of a variety of experiences and objectives wholly unrelated to patriarchal domination of girls and youngsters.

Males as emotionally dumb

Referring to males as dumb has the double-meaning of each missing in intelligence and being mute. This varieties the idea of Levant’s concept that males possess little emotional consciousness about themselves or others, that they’re missing in emotional intelligence, and that even have been they to find some emotional consciousness they might not know learn how to categorical it in phrases, such is the depth of male lacuna. He refers to this drawback in males as alexithymia – a Greek time period which means no phrases for feelings, insisting that the majority North American males endure from this syndrome.

Levant states that “it’s so very widespread amongst males that I’ve referred to as it normative male alexithymia,”three a syndrome that by definition solely males and boys may be labelled with. There even exists a Normative Male Alexithymia Scale used to evaluate the depth of males’s want for therapeutic correction. Levant states,

One of the far-reaching penalties of male gender-role socialization is the excessive incidence amongst males of… the lack to determine and describe one’s emotions in phrases… males are sometimes genuinely unaware of their feelings. Missing this emotional consciousness, when requested to determine their emotions, they have a tendency to depend on their cognition to attempt to logically deduce how they need to really feel. They can’t do what’s automated for most girls -simply sense inwardly, really feel the sensation, and let the verbal description come to thoughts.four

This declare, that males are “unaware of their feelings,” an assumption so typical of psychology’s view of males, has been a cornerstone of the therapeutic world for the final 40 years. And it’s demonstrably fallacious.

Dementia and aging as memory loss concept for brain cancer decay or an Alzheimer's disease with the medical icon of an old rusting piece of painted metal in the shape of a human head with rust as losing mind function.

In accordance with the overwhelming majority of research on emotional processing, males and boys are capable of determine emotional arousal in themselves and others equally to ladies, feelings like jealousy, love, anger, unhappiness, nervousness, and so forth. However males and boys select to manage that emotional arousal not by verbalizing it a lot (ladies’s most popular technique) however by taking clever motion. A lady for instance may speak together with her melancholic good friend about what’s worrying her with a view to cheer her up; the person might invite the identical melancholic good friend to the films; each responses -talking, or acting- serve to intelligently modulate feelings.

What Levant has did not discriminate are 1. recognizing feelings, and a couple of. verbalizing them. He, and so many psychologists who got here earlier than and after him, assume that by not verbalizing emotion males should even have failed to acknowledge feelings. Numerous research nevertheless present this to be a false conclusion.5 Males, like ladies, can sense the complete vary of feelings – however they could select to answer that information in a special method to ladies.

Breaking with the previous – beginning afresh

Repackaging patriarchy principle is a transfer we not want to make – at the least not if we want to genuinely assist males. Growing numbers of males are uninterested in ready for the psychotherapeutic business to tug its collective ass out of gynocentrism-land to develop a real new mannequin for tackling male psychology.

To achieve that mannequin there has to happen a break with patriarchy concept and assumptions that males and boys are emotional dummies. As in a courtroom of regulation we start the brand new remedy with an assumption that males are usually not solely harmless till confirmed responsible, however that ‘males are good’ to make use of Tom Golden’s iconic phrase.

Nor will work with males be savvy till it admits the realities of cultural misandry, gynocentrism and their undeniably crushing results on trendy males. The every day assaults on males and boys from advertizing, psychological well being providers, media, household courts, pharmaceutical corporations, schooling from grade faculty to grad faculty, anti-male bigots and ideologically pushed governance have to be included within the image.

These are issues that are deleterious to all elements of males’s lives, together with psychological well being. The psychological well being business is a large a part of that drawback, not part of the answer.

A sane various to all this should disabuse males, ladies and society of the next myths:

● males belong to a patriarchy and take that mannequin as their life script;
● males are emotionally inept;
● males are default potential sexual predators;
● males are violent and uncaring;
● males are usually not essential as mother and father;
● males are unable to commit;
● males are emotionally unavailable;
● males aren’t as human or deserving as ladies.

The issues we do need to embrace in a brand new psychological well being mannequin are:

● enhanced understanding of misandry, gynocentrism and their penalties;
● recognizing and honoring males’s emotional acumen;
● recognizing and combating misandry and gynocentrism within the psychological well being business;
● skilled understanding of the methods males differ from ladies in how they deal with life;
● a prohibition on the apply of anticipating males to emulate ladies’s emotional processes;
● an allowance of males’s professional anger with out infecting them with ideological disgrace;
● the steadfast perception that males’s points, ache and wishes are as necessary as anybody else’s.

These tips alone are enough to create a revolution in the best way we work with males.


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